Help our Wildlife and landscapes by purchasing one of our designer safari products @thecollectiveboutiquenamibia . All proceeds will be donated to Fashion for Wildlife. Don’t necessarily want to make a purchase? You are more than welcome to donate an amount of your choice. 
Each month we will select a charity or foundation to whom we will donate all proceeds. 
Since most threats to wildlife and landscapes are human induced, we urge you to give back to our beloved Namibia and it’s four legged inhabitants. 

With Love,
Nikita Juné and Kim

How to get involved: 

Being a photographer for Collective Boutique has its perks!  We always get to shoot the new clothing ranges for the season in exciting places around Namibia. This is two things that I appreciate greatly, Fashion and the environment. The FASHION FOR WILDLIFE FOUNDATION was born during a shoot we had with a new Collection on high end women’s wear from Judith Atelier featuring one of Africa's most endangered species.  Being able to get so close to a rhino is an amazing yet frightening experience.  When you see these gentle giants up close it's hard to believe that anyone would want to harm such a majestic animal.  This got us thinking.  What can we do to help conserve our Namibian Wildlife, how can we bring awareness and encourage the community to become more involved in conservation. We are small business owners that want to make a change.  Every bit helps!
Promoting safari, wildlife and the tourism industry through creative content shooting we got a-lot of positive feedback and support from our community. 
The Collective Boutique, Urban Lens Photography, and Kimberly Krieger started hosting a wildlife and landscape donation project in order to contribute to charities and foundations who help conserve Namibia’s magnificent wildlife and landscape heritage. 

Where it started

Fashion For Wildlife

Support the Afri-Cat Foundation here

To effectively manage carnivores and other species within a closed reserve, a thorough understanding of their altered ecology is needed to make informed management decisions.
This is exactly what our stay at the Okonjima Lodge is all about, educating, learning, adapting and honing down on conservation strategies that will give our Wildlife in Namibia a sustainable future. We are so proud to announce that we have decided to contribute to the AfriCat foundation through The Collective Boutiques “Fashion For Wildlife” project! Joining hands, bringing brands, business and charities together is what will bring us through the difficult times we face. 


The AfriCat Foundation was born in the early 1990’s, a Namibia registered non-profit organisation which started out primarily as a welfare organisation, and has since become focused on educating Namibia’s youth and on research projects which are essential in accomplishing its mission of the long term conservation of Namibia’s wildlife in their natural habitat, but in an enclosed conservation area. 

Conservation through education meets Namibia’s very own fashion for wildlife foundation. 
We want to say thank you, not only for the great hospitality that @okonjima_lodge has shown us these last couple of days, but also for the valuable information and education we have received towards the beautiful cats that are home to the AfriCat conservation area.
Shooting the new range for the collective boutique was an experience not one of us will ever forget. Getting to know each cat by name is what makes the reserve even more special.

Our visit to okonjima lodge