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Somehow you got here and I am glad you did!
I am a portrait, editorial & wedding photographer based in Windhoek, Namibia 
I grew up in South-Africa with a crazy big family. Naturally, anything carbs is my favourite dish. I drink WAY too much sugar in my coffee. I am constantly talking to strangers' dogs in public and I love fashion…most specifically anything made out of linen. When I'm not taking photos, you can often find me exploring new places, hanging with my husband, or tending to my 50+ houseplants. 

I am a lover of love which is why a job in the wedding industry was always at the top of career choices for me. I was once a teacher and in college I wanted to be a wedding planner - turns out wedding photography was the perfect creative outlet for me. I graduated from college knowing I would never work a 9-5 job. Less than a year later, in 2018 I opened my photography business. I believe in the hustle & risking everything to pursue a dream. I moved to Namibia in April of 2019 and married the most amazing person alive

I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life!
Today as a full time photographer, I put my heart into all of this. I am obsessed with photographing people and young couples in-love and thrive on candid, unposed, real emotions and looking for ordinary moments that make time stand still.

Your Photographer / Professional third wheeler and THE WEDDING GUEST

Hi, I'm June!

My favourite thing about being a photographer is hearing your vision, documenting it, and bringing it to life as I strive to tell your story. I love capturing the unseen, messy, and perfectly imperfect photos that you never even knew you wanted. I live for those unplanned moments that aren't staged or posed.

Let's create an unforgettable experience ...

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As your intimate wedding  photographer, I see myself as a storyteller. I care about seeing the bigger picture and finding a purpose in what I photograph. My work is emotion-driven, and my approach is always intentional. I invest in my clients and make sure you have everything you need – sometimes before you know you need it.


I have been shooting professionally since 2016. I know what looks good and I know exactly how to achieve it. I bring over a decade of expertise to the table. You're looking for an experienced photographer for your special day who can help guide you through the process of a stress free wedding day.

I have a growing collection of flattering gowns to rent exclusively from my client closet.
These garments are hand picked by myself to make you look and feel even more beautiful on the day of your shoot.

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